As a dedicated Shaklee product user and distributor for almost 40 years, I can honestly say that Shaklee is the best and most comprehensive nutritional system in the world! Think and grow rich in health and wealth with Shaklee!

    Healthy Foundation products provide essential vitamins, protein and minerals, to give your body the nutritional foundation it needs. We guarantee you’ll feel better in 30 days—or your money back.

    Designed to burn fat, and not muscle, Shaklee 180® is clinically tested products* and a program that helps you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off. Powered by Leucine® to help you retain muscle and lose fat.

    Nourish your skin and hair the healthy way, Shaklee offers skin and hair care from a company that knows nutrition, inside and out. Get beautiful, the pure and natural way.

    Clean and green products that are safe and non-toxic becuse we believe that home should be the safest place on earth. Clean it up with products that are safe, powerful, and green.


When it comes down to it, Shaklee really has only two awesome products - health and freedom.
HEALTH - Let's start with the products. They're spectacular - pure, potent and proven to work. Our Nutrition, Weight Management, Home Care and Personal Care products carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When a product is this good, you can't help but share it with everyone you know. And that makes Shaklee products the perfect foundation for an amazing income opportunity. The latest Shaklee innovation is Vivix™ Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic dietary supplement. It's the most exciting example we've seen of a product that can truly help you create a limitless stream of income. And with the Tru-Infinity™ bonus program, the fifth way to earn in Shaklee — our ability to earn just got infinitely more exciting.
FREEDOM - Beginning a home-based business in Shaklee is the smartest move we ever made. We now have the ability to control our own destiny, determine our own priorities, set goals and achieve them, advance and increase our own income based on what's important to us. And everything we do to achieve our own goals helps someone else achieve theirs. We do well, by doing good. It's the most satisfying approach to earning an income we've ever known. But we didn't come to this conclusion and make a decision without a few questions. We expect you probably have some too. We'd welcome the chance to talk with you about your situation, find out what you're looking for - health, freedom, or both - and see if this is right for you.
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There are a lot of companies selling supplements but only one stands apart and that is Shaklee.
Shaklee provides the best nutrition in every area that matters. From vitamin and mineral supplements, cognitive, joint and heart health, and weight-loss products, to skin care, healthy hair, and green and non-toxic household products, Shaklee gives you what you need to create healthier lives for you and your family.
My wife Judy and I have personally been using Shaklee products for over 38 years!
For almost 60 years, Shaklee has been harnessing the power of nature to guarantee that when you use products you actually feel different (better) while laying the foundation of a lifetime of health and wellness.
We have had more energy and better health ever since we began our journey with Shaklee and I'd love the opportunity to speak to you about the many benefits we receive and how you can reveive them, too - because I am committed to your physical and financial well being.
This is your opportunity for better health and financial freedom so call me today, I'd love to share my Shaklee story and help you on your journey to health and freedom!